Class: PoiMap


new cercalia.tile.PoiMap(options)

src/cercalia/tile/poimap.js, line 23

Class constructor to draw Caercalia Map POIS.Para hacer una descarga de pois que no sea de Cercalia vease el <a href="#'>ejemplo.

Name Type Description

TilePoiMap options'

Name Type Description
tileSize Array.<number> | undefined

Tile size in pixels. Default: [256, 256].

createMarkersFunction function | undefined

Custom function to create markers. This function must return an array of markers. Then automatically markers will be drawn.

map cercalia.Map

Map where markers will be painted. Required.

iconBigZoomLevel number | undefined

Zoom level when the icon size is changed. Only used in the default download version. Default 15.

searchByScale boolean | undefined

Search POIs by scale. If true server only returns some POIs, if false it return all POIs. Recommended and default value: true.

layer ol.layer.Layer | undefined

Optional layer. Default it uses internal API and private layer.



src/cercalia/tile/poimap.js, line 480

Remove painted markers, for all zoom levels.


src/cercalia/tile/poimap.js, line 465

Remove all markers except a specified zoom.

Name Type Description
zoomLevel number

Zoom level to mantain (not clean).


src/cercalia/tile/poimap.js, line 492

Removes the map layer.


src/cercalia/tile/poimap.js, line 502

Modify the Cercalia's categories list to paint on map.

Name Type Description

Categories list to paint.