Class: Immediate


A concrete subclass of ol.render.VectorContext that implements direct rendering of features and geometries to an HTML5 Canvas context. Instances of this class are created internally by the library and provided to application code as vectorContext member of the ol.render.Event object associated with postcompose, precompose and render events emitted by layers and maps.




src/ol/render/canvas/immediate.js, line 403

Render a circle geometry into the canvas. Rendering is immediate and uses the current fill and stroke styles.

Name Type Description
geometry ol.geom.Circle

Circle geometry.

drawFeature(feature, style)

src/ol/render/canvas/immediate.js, line 502

Render a feature into the canvas. Note that any zIndex on the provided style will be ignored - features are rendered immediately in the order that this method is called. If you need zIndex support, you should be using an ol.layer.Vector instead.

Name Type Description
feature ol.Feature





src/ol/render/canvas/immediate.js, line 459

Render a geometry into the canvas. Call ol.render.canvas.Immediate#setStyle first to set the rendering style.

Name Type Description
geometry ol.geom.Geometry | ol.render.Feature

The geometry to render.


src/ol/render/canvas/immediate.js, line 444

Set the rendering style. Note that since this is an immediate rendering API, any zIndex on the provided style will be ignored.

Name Type Description

The rendering style.