Class: AtlasManager


src/ol/style/atlasmanager.js, line 24

Manages the creation of image atlases.

Images added to this manager will be inserted into an atlas, which will be used for rendering. The size given in the constructor is the size for the first atlas. After that, when new atlases are created, they will have twice the size as the latest atlas (until maxSize is reached).

If an application uses many images or very large images, it is recommended to set a higher size value to avoid the creation of too many atlases.

Name Type Description


Name Type Description
initialSize number | undefined

The size in pixels of the first atlas image. If no value is given the ol.INITIAL_ATLAS_SIZE compile-time constant will be used.

maxSize number | undefined

The maximum size in pixels of atlas images. If no value is given then the ol.MAX_ATLAS_SIZE compile-time constant will be used. And if ol.MAX_ATLAS_SIZE is set to -1 (the default) then ol.WEBGL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE will used if WebGL is supported. Otherwise 2048 is used.

space number | undefined

The space in pixels between images (default: 1).