Maps API

An open Maps API facilitates integration with your company data

The Maps Application Programming Interface (API) is an easy way to integrate Cercalia data and functionality into company’s applications. Cercalia API is the perfect tool to meet the customers’ specific objectives, thanks to the harmonic combination of functionalities and contents.

Maps are useful to find places, but also to discover information. New technologies provide us maps mixed with knowledge, with all kinds of data (images, documents, videos…). But if all this data is not appropriately geolocated, is useless. The technological foundation for this progress relies in open access to Map API’s, so developers can free combine across functionalities, enrich and add value with maps.

Cercalia API is useful for all this. It can harmonically integrate maps into the applications of a company, combining the best of each technology, with internal databases, external web services, etc.


  •   Map background, aerial photography
  •   Integration with third parties background maps
  •   Méteo
  •   POI’s categorized & your content
  •   Traffic (delays, road works, traffic cameras, expected traffic, KPs, etc.)

Multiple functionalities

  •   Geocoding & Reverse geocoding
  •   Addresses suggestor
  •   Proximity & route proximity
  •   Geofencing
  •  Multiple-stop routes. Itinerary optimization
  •  Distance matrix
  •  Other ways to access the functionalities and contents of Cercalia platform
    • Static map service
    • Webservices XML – JSON
    • API para .Net
    • Cercalia in house