Map search engine for Call center

Geosearcher for Call Centers

Big Call Centers have a high volume of daily calls from customers that request a hasty solution to a variety of problems: repair the car’s glass, ask for a truck to tow the car, settle a date with the traumatologist, find an electrician…

This calls are answered in rooms packed with operators dispatching thousands of requests of specialized resources near the costumer location. Therefore, all this makes off large volumes of data that in order to be usable needs to be properly geolocated. And for this matter, is fundamental to have a quality and trustful management .

Cercalia’s web application for Call Centers allows an agile and efficient allocation of resources for its costumers demands. The results brought by the application come from the combination of proximity criteria and search engines with the specific options of each Call Center.

Main Benefits

  •  Increase productivity by reducing the time spent to solve a call.
  •  Send directly, by SMS or email, information about the resource assigned to the costumer.
  •  Create geostatistics of the costumers’ localizations and of the best rated resources.