Geo BI - Business Intelligence and maps

Business Intelligence and Maps

Web application that analyzes geographically big databases, with the aim of obtaining a friendly illustration that allows finding patterns, compute indicators and create useful information to make decisions with a spatial perspective.

Business Intelligence is a technology to analyze huge amounts of data, the so-called Big Data, that in some environments grow in an exponential manner, in both structured and unstructured formats. Its aim is to extract useful conclusions, simplified indicators and very practical analyses in order to lead to a more confident decision making process.

The GEO component is our specialty, and we made efforts to take full advantage in combination with the Business Intelligence technology already tested.

Main functions

  •  Represent geographical statistics about the costumers’ preferences: preferred workshops (call centers), preferred touristic attractions (touristic websites), etc.
  •  Represent business information on the map
  •   Generate analyses fusing business information, cartography, and optionally socio-demographic data.