Online maps platform

Cercalia is a leading map server specialized in logistics, urban mobility, traffic, public transportation and call centers. Cercalia offers all the functionalities of a map with updated and reliable information, with a high availability 24/7 Data Center. All is focused to bring the benefits of maps to our customers, companies and public bodies. is a Nexus Geografics service developed in 2001, it creates over 5 million maps every day for 1,000 companies and is addressed to subscribing customers (in Saas, software as service).

Outstanding funcionality



geographic alarms for vehicles entering or leaving their assigned zones


Expert route calculation

for large size trucks and hazardous goods


Multichannel messaging

through predefined messages by email or SMS


Proximity queries

based on dynamic driving routes for on-the-go vehicles or Points of interest and costumers



meaningful information derived from user’s map queries



get coordinates from postal address, postcodes, road milestone, town, street intersection and costumer’s points of interest


Reverse geocoding

from coordinates to street name and number, road milestone, postcode, town …