Snap to road and Speeding Report

Snap to Road API take up to 5.000 points from a track GPS, and returns the route polyline (WKT) snapped to the roads and Speeding report. Documentation

For a best snapping, with this API you can inform:

  • Coordinate X,Y
  • Bearing (navigation) + tolerance
  • Speed (km/h)
  • Weight: type of route to use (default=distance)
  • Maxsearchdistance: maximum distance between a coordenate (X,Y) and any road. If it is exceeded, this part of the track will be returned in a straight line.
  • Factor between route and line distance between two points. If this factor is overcome, the route is ignored and the straight line is preferred.
Snapped route to road


Speeding report example:
Speeding analysis