Complete routing solution for every type of use. We provide:

Route from A to B, with n stops

Elastic route, using our API js

Routing reorder: optimize up to 100 route stops, in order to get te shortest o quickest route

Routing report, with detailed instructions, avaliable in several languages

Get POIs along a route: Gas stations, rest areas, parking areas, road works, ...

Toll cost, available for Spain, France and Portugal

Several route types:

  • [Car] the fastest, the shortest, avoiding tolls
  • [Truck] the fastest, avoiding tolls  //  using truck restrictions
  • [Walk]
  • Routing customized with your own data, available on demand. Ex: Cycling routes

Use traffic information:

  • Get actual best route using real time traffic data
  • Get best route for one day and hour, using traffic data statistics
  • Get normal route without traffic conditions, reporting additionally the current delay in the route

Download route track in KML or WKT format

Computing multi-stops routes:

  • One or several origins
  • One or several stops 1 (optional)
  • One or several stops n (optional)
  • One or several destinations
  • Get distances & time of all the combinations, respecting the route order



Massive 1-n / n-1 proximity request with Routing

With a simple request, get a list of nearest points ordered by route time. Documentation

  • Simple integration (simple request, instead of n routing requests, or matrix request)
  • Fast computing time
  • Normal routing or inverse flow direction (starting here - ending here)
  • Use real time traffic data


Get n area service polygons, corresponding to the area that can be reached driving during:

  • The specified time
  • The specified distance