Class: Isochrone


new cercalia.service.Isochrone(opt_options)

src/cercalia/service/isochrone.js, line 14

Isochrone service constructor

Name Type Description

Isochrone request options

Name Type Description
countryId string | undefined

Country code filter (ctryc)

country string | undefined

Country name filter (ctryn)

regionId string | undefined

Region code filter (regc)

region string | undefined

Region name filter (regn)

subregionId string | undefined

Subregion code filter (subregc)

subregion string | undefined

Subregion name filter (subregn)

subOrRegion string | undefined

Region and Subregion name filter (rsn)

municipalityId string | undefined

Municipality code filter (munc)

municipality string | undefined

Municipality name filter (munn)

cityId string | undefined

Town code filter (ctc)

city string | undefined

Town name filter (ctn)

postalCode string | undefined

Postal code filter (pcode)

streetId string | undefined

Street code filter (stc)

street string | undefined

Street name filter (stn)

housenumber number | undefined

House number filter (stnum)

address string | undefined

Street name filter with house number

position cercalia.LonLat | undefined

Position of center to calculate isochrone request.

weight string | undefined

Type of search value. Possible values distance or time. Default value distance

inverse boolean | undefined

If false, the calculation is from the center to outside. If true, the calculation is from outside to the center. Default value false.

method string | undefined

Calculation method. Por defecto: convexhull or concavehull. Default value convexhull.

isolevels number | undefined

Value, or incremental values list used for isochrone calculation (meters or miliseconds). Ex: 10000, 5000,10000,20000.



getClass(){string} inherited

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Get Class name of object

getId(){string} inherited

src/cercalia/object.js, line 33
Unique Id.